How to Use Social Media to Build Website Traffic

Never underestimate the value of using social media to drive traffic to your site. According to statistics, there are more than 2.9 billion people on social media, and people spend an average of fours hours interacting with their pages. If you have a website, this means that if you find ways of being visible to these users, you will have high traffic to your site.

Use LinkedIn

Being on LinkedIn does not mean you have to post profiles and resumes. You can use it to market the content in your site by publishing high-quality articles. Make sure that your posts have links which direct people to your website, and that you update posts on your account regularly.

Post on Facebook

Most people on the internet have Facebook accounts. You can create a page for your company and have regular posts with links which redirect users to your website. You can also have regular offers and promotions and post them on Facebook so that the users can interact more with your website. Facebook also has a provision that allows companies to put adverts. Once you understand how the Facebook ads work, you can position your site to reach the right demographics.

Try Instagram

Instagram is the best place to post photos and get your brand known. It is especially a great platform if you are targeting young people. You should post well-taken photos with interesting captions which link to your site. You should follow social media influencers so that they can endorse you and share your content. Remember that social media is about engagement, so you should always be ready to give feedback, respond to queries and interact with your audience.

Share Videos on YouTube

Most companies have realised the power of being on YouTube gives them an edge and makes them visible to their target market. Create short videos and post regularly on YouTube while linking your website. The videos should be concise and interesting, and the message should be in line with what your website stands for.

Ask and Answer Questions on Quora

If you want to drive traffic to your site, then you should start answering questions on Quora and linking your website to the site. Daily, millions of people visit Quora, and if you position yourself well, you can get leverage from the site. Make sure that the questions that you are answering do not conflict with the mandate of your website.

Use Your Twitter Account

This micro-blogging site can help you reach many people, especially if you have a large following. Start by building a social media following by posting regularly and having an elaborate description box which thoroughly explains what your website is all about. You can then start interacting with your followers and professionally push your brand.